Monday, September 14, 2009

If you misrepresent this plan We will call you out

What is the deductible?
What is the out of pocket maximum?
Who is in the network?
What is the co-pay, if there is one?
What are the coinsurance levels?
What does the plan cover?
What is excluded?
What does it cost?
Does my HSA go away?
What coverage is available for prescription drugs?

"While there are some difficult issues to be worked out...If you misrepresent this plan We will call you out"

How could someone possibly misrepresent the plan? There is no plan. There is only the expectation a newly created government bureaucracy free from any political pressure will create an insurance exchange that will define a plan options that will reduce out of pocket costs for all Americans while expanding coverage to the uninsured allowing everyone to retain coverage they like, with the doctor they like, without rationing, while preserving Medicare and not adding a penny to the deficit  while simultaneously bending the cost curve down on Medicare spending. Call me a skeptic, hell call me out Mr President but just how you propose to do these things would interest many Americans. Do tell. Americans who ask the questions above deserve answers and by the way it coarsens the national debate when David Axlerod goes on television and suggests they are wrong for asking the basic questions anyone purchasing healthcare would ask. If you are going to sell health care reform you need to have answers for basic questions about costs and benefits or else your're just asking Americans to trust you and congress to get it right. We trust you, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid like the Shamwow salesman on cable TVwho you increasingly resemble except that shamwow guy at least covers costs and benefits. The shamwow guy does not pretend to be anything but a salesman, a charlatan and a snakeoil salesman. You could learn from him.

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