Friday, September 11, 2009

911 Remember

Today we mark the eighth anniversary of 9-11.
The following two videos are 'moving' to say the least. They are must views by all, lest we forget that horrific day in our history and those who are sacrificing to ensure America never has to experience that again.

NEVER forget and ALWAYS remember there are evil people who want to harm us and our nation - some of which are right here on our soil.
And, do not let this Day be remade into a day of 'national service' by those in government who do not appreciate nor understand the greatness of our nation, the wisdom of our Founders or the cost of freedom.
September 11 is, and must remain a day of rememberance, reflection, thanks, prayer, honor, and a reminder of our vulnerabilty.
May God bless our great nation.


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