Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Turns out Health Care Reform opposition was the single biggest factor in voting for Brown according to exit polls.

Fifty-two percent of Bay State voters who were surveyed as the polls closed said they opposed the federal health care reform measure and 42 percent said they cast their ballot to help stop President Obama from passing his chief domestic initiative.
"I'm not surprised it was the top issue, but I was surprised by how overwhelming an issue it was. It became a focal point for the frustration that has been brewing with voters, and it's a very personal issue that affects everyone," said Tony Fabrizio of Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates, a Republican firm that conducted the exit poll of 800 voters.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year

I must admit I have always been fascinated with politics and as a student of political cleavage I found the results of a recent poll on the Brown vs Coakley special election for Ted Kennedy's US Senate seat absolutely fascinating. Why? Well let's just say in a state where Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by a 3-1 majority recent polls now show Brown with a 4 percent lead.

In the race for U.S. Senate, who will you vote for?
Scott Brown: 50%
Martha Coakley: 46%
Joseph L. Kennedy: 3%
Undecided: 1%
In your opinion, who won the debates?
Scott Brown: 41%
Martha Coakley: 25%

Joseph L. Kennedy: 2%

Undecided: 31%

As a U.S. Senator, do you think Martha Coakley will be an independent voice or tow the Democratic Party line?
Independent voice: 24%
Tow the party line: 64%
Undecided: 11%
Do you support the proposed national near universal healthcare law?
Yes: 36%
No: 51%
Undecided: 13%
Can the federal government afford the proposed national healthcare law?
Yes: 32%
No: 61%
Undecided: 7%
What is the most important issue facing our next U.S. Senator?
Healthcare: 38%
Economy/Jobs: 44%
Taxes: 1%
War: 5%
Education: 0%
Spending/Budget: 3%
National Security/Terrorism: 1%
Other: 4%
Don’t know: 4%

Less anyone think of me as a Fox News robot check out what CBS has to say on the matter.
When 64% of the voters think you will toe the pary line and 61% think he nation cannot afford the proposed legislation you still have a problem even with a 3-1 party advantage. That Ted Kennedy's staffers essentially composed the legislation is poetic justice.