Friday, January 11, 2008

Fundamentals for Sales Professionals

I just received a proposal for a well qualified prospect from a major big 4 health insurer. The prospect is buying and I have a several questions for my group rep. While I have a name and an email address for my group rep all my emails from her lack a phone number.

It is truly amazing to me that any sales person can send out an email and exclude a signature line missing their direct phone line, cell phone or fax on their corporate email as well as PDA. Yet it happens.

So young group reps if you want a call back here are several tips. If you are not going to actually call on me in person and provide a business card at a bare minimum you should know what I am thinking.

  1. Make sure your PDA and email contains a signature with your phone number and cell phone.
  2. Its nice to have your fax # and address as well so we will know where to send those apps and checks.
  3. Make it easy on me to click on your phone number and reach you directly in the office or on your cell without reaching your voicemail or pbx without entering an extension. I am after all out selling your product and if I die in a car wreck who will sell your product?
How many sales are missed because the broker did not know how to reach you for lack of a phone number?