Friday, September 18, 2009

Competing to be The Biggest Loser;Got EAP?

Ever spend any time on itunes looking at random app's? I admit I do. I look at the free ones because I'm cheap. Anyhow I run across one called FML and its very popular. I click and look at it to find;

If you’ve never been the website FMyLife, it’s kind of like Twitter for losers who just can’t get a break… people post very short anecdotes about how F’d their lives are, always ending with the abbreviated mantra “FML”, and then the rest of the world votes on whether the person’s life is truly F’d or if they got what they deserved. Here are a few:

There is something sad about a culture that competes to demonstrate how terrible their life is, not too mention how shallow is the individual who lifts himself by tearing down another in the comments section of a website or blog? But we have all seen such individuals. The web has coarsened our national rhetoric. Just another reminder why you need to communicate the access to your EAP.

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