Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're From The Government and We're Here To Help You

This spring ARRA committed $20B toward electronic medical records. Physician's who implemented EMR's in a meaningful could qualify for reimbursement toward their investment. Problem was and still is the government has yet to define meaningful use. So theoretically while the ARRA $20B was intended to stimulate the economy its effect has been quite the opposite. Spending on EMR's has evaporated as Doctors have waited for meaningful use to be defined before they invested any money. They are still waiting. Many small businesses that have been providing IT support for physicians including speech recognition paired with EMR's to boost practice productivity and profitability have experienced sales just ceasing.

In today's headlines we learn the cash for clunkers program has no money left. We spent $1B, it worked and $1B more has been allocated but who knows how long that will last so its going to be stopped. Moreover know one bothered to work out the details on how the program would be administered. Welcome to the train wreck. We bailout GM and they send $1Billion to Brazil while laying off 10,000 American citizens and this happens while we have a car czar

If the government cannot handle a few $billion for cash for clunkers what makes you think there is any hope for smooth sailing for a $trillion healthcare reform? No complexity there, right?

The history of federal intervention in Health Care whether its Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Part D shows a pathetic track record at predicting costs which have been underestimated at an appalling rate.

Its time to visit your congress mans town hall and be heard on health care reform.

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