Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom passed away February 8, 2009 from cancer but today would be her 77th birthday. With all Today's news about birthers, deathers and life support for the government plan I am most grateful for the common sense Mom instilled in my brothers & I. For example, Mom was hosptitalized last election Day and she was adamant about getting released early enough to go vote. Life was the ultimate issue for Mom and she knew that when a society placed so little value on it as to label abortion as a simple "choice" instead of a childs life a slide down the slippery ethical slope was inevitable. It is no wonder today that the left simply cannot understand why senior citizens would oppose rationing with Pete Singer writing in the NY Times about QALY's and stunning deficits being generated. But Mom knew Obama's record on Life defined him as a politician and he had pledged to make his first presidential action to sign the FOCA.
I wonder when the left is going to discover the fact dissent at town halls is being generated by a an awakening in America?

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