Friday, March 28, 2008

Rat Race

Commuting to work on crowded roadways is a daily task I do not miss. Working a short distance from home has added two productive hours to my workday. Working for myself affords me the ability to set appointments to avoid peak traffic congestion most of the time.

Yet driving around a major city provides the opportunity to observe far too much road rage.
  • The evening news is full of traffic fatalities.
  • Tailgaters are everywhere.
  • Why some drivers seem to accelerate to a stop is beyond me but I see cars speed up to get to the redlight where traffic is clearly stopped.

It can be very reasonable for employers to consider a business travel accident policy that offer coverage for commuting to and from the office. The daily commute is the most dangerous task many workers undertake. Perhaps the hours I have spent with my teeenage daughter and her learning permit recently have made me appreciate the danger of a sressed out driver in traffic. The risk increases with annoyance and other distractions.

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