Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ask for Lower Rates 12 months after Quitting Tobacco

Many Texans buy life insurance and file the policy away without an annual review. Those who have quit tobacco who were issued smoker rates can reapply for a safer risk classification and receive a lower premium.

John and Melissa are clients in their mid 20's who quit smoking 6 months ago. Since they smoked cigarettes within the last 12 months they qualify for preferred tobacco rates and their monthly premium outlay is $155. In 6 months they will be tobacco free for a year and can apply for standard non-tobacco rates which would drop their monthly premium outlay to $95. A 39% reduction in premium will save this young couple $720 annually. Over the remaining period of their 30 year term policy the savings totals $21,240.

It pays to re-evaluate your life insurance policy annually.

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