Friday, April 18, 2008

We Want You To Know

It must be ok for me to post this true story on the web since AETNA wants us to know. A small group client selects AETNA to insure their health for 3/1/08. AETNA approves the group on 3/10/2008. The group hires a new employee and submits an enrollment form to AETNA on 3/25/2008 for the employee to be covered on 4/1/2008. AETNA informs me that since a new employee was added in the 1st 30 days they are increasing the rates by 67% retroactive to 3/1/2008 as this is their long established policy when enrollment changes in the 1st 30 days. If AETNA really wanted us to know would not their proposals reference such a rule?
So now I understand the AETNA logo. The human figure is a business owner throwing his AETNA policy in the air in utter frustration upon learning his raes were not locked in for a full year. I want you to know.

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