Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 Reasons For Tuesdays Election results

Yes, the tidal wave that elected a Republican US Congress along with numerous state houses, senates and governors was due to the economy Mr President but it was also due to the failures systemic within HealthCare Reform.

  1. As Rasumssen polls on the evening of the election 59% of those who voted in the election favor a repeal of your beloved PPACA.
  2. Sixty-three percent (63%) of those who voted today are at least somewhat angry at the current policies of the federal government. That includes 42% who are Very Angry.
  3. Look at the US Map for a graphical representation of election  results here.
  4. You said HCR was essential but it raises the deficit.
  5. You said no pre-existing conditions for children but try to find a carrier who will write a child only policy in the individual market.
  6. There is no longer a market for salaried only carveouts on a group basis thanks to PPACA.
  7. Obama said people could keep their Doctor but seniors under Medicare advantage plans will not because those plans are toast raising costs for fixed income retirees.
  8. Obama said PPACA would lower costs for employers but trends show the mandates of PPACA are accelerating cost increases for employers.
  9. Those employers faced with Massive increases no longer have the catstrophic options which might have made keeping a health plan possible thanks to PPACA.
  10. Everybody but President Obama seems to understand there is no way in hell those exchanges will be up and running by 2014.
The mid-terms were a referendum on President Obama and the policies of an arrogant Congress led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who shoved an idiotic stimulus bill, a Health Care "Reform" bill, a financial services reform bill. Thank God you failed on Immigration reform and cap & Tax.

The mid-terms were a complete and utter rejection to Progressive Wonkery.

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