Friday, March 30, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

John Mack at Pharma Marketing Blog has a seriously funny post today about observing drug reps in their natural environment which you can find here.

Next time you are waiting at the doctors office skip the Newsweek and observe what is really happening. After you are done observing think about the impact what you just saw is having on your drug spend as a benefit manager. See, its research. Its business. Kudos to John for pointing out this gem published in Time Magazine where a male doctor talks candidly about the joys of interacting with "Pharma Babes"

It's the click of high heels that gets our attention. The hospital is a place of aching feet in wide, thick rubber-bottomed, stand-all-day-long shoes. And our good women thus shod can't compete; in the weary, unaesthetic world of sick people they work too hard at tasks that are too unglamorous. Those good women were the first to warn us about the young lovelies in high heels. But the pharma babes still get to us, and the good women just roll their eyes. Younger and prettier — or at least better coiffed than anybody taking actual care of the sick — drug reps are a feature of medical life that few outsiders see. Known as "detail" people or (behind closed doors) "pharma babes,"

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