Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Uncle Sam

I absolutely despise big government. I have no respect for the political advocates who espouse the expansion of government. What network will soon air a biggest loser reality show for the elected official who most successfully wields a chain saw to spending on behalf of their constituents? Check the chain saw maybe somebody can borrow some  oridinance from the army to use on their budget one of the tracked vehicles that shoots explosives 1/4 mile to clear lethal minefields of government. My money is on Fox here. But I am hoping its C-SPAN in 2012 and Paul Ryan gets nightly face time. I hope Nancy Pelosi is ordered to fly coach like her constituents.

I started my business the old fashioned way from savings. Nobody gave me anything. At every turn government obstructs small business with regulation and chokes it with economic policy designed to create an uneven playing field for its bankers in big business. Small business is tapped for funding but we are all in reality just slaves fueling the Leviathan and Uncle Sam is always hungry. But know this Big Government today Americans who work for a living are targeting your destruction. We are getting involved politically and we are united in a belief you are rapidly outgrowing our ability to feed you and we are planning firebreaks to contain your growth regardless of the political winds. You will not turn our nation into a balkanized free for all where radical experimentation and social engineering on an unprecedented scale run rampant. Our children will not be saddled with your debt. We are coming for you. Soon. And there is going to be an arse whipping when we arrive.Yours.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has my vote. Hope he can raise enough money to stay in till the end. _ Curt Brown

Virginia Beach Accident Lawyer said...

taxes are killing us. why dont they put the taxes to the bad vices of people than these basic necessities?