Thursday, August 19, 2010

See The Future?

Consider the difficulty of gaining approval for SSDI or SSI benefits today. Its hard. You have to hire an attorney familiar with the intricacy of the bureaucratic Social Security system and pay them a percentage of your award to get approved. Failure to do so will result in a bureaucrat who will take advantage of your innocence to deny and delay the benefits you are "entitled to". FICA is after all a finite resource. It takes years to get approval in some cases and the SS administration rations through denial and delays. Many people just give up. Yet, this is the very future Americans can expect from ObamaCare with respect to their Health Care. How has SSDI worked out for America. The "trust fund " is bankrupt as a tidal wave of baby boomers hits the ages of 50-60 when disability and healthcare utilization rates are highest. The next time a liberal tells you how great ObamaCare is ask them if we can expect billboards on buses for attorneys assisting citizens in obtaining benefits that were promised to them like SSDI requires today.

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