Friday, December 11, 2009

Michelle Bachmann For The Win

Noticed this point by Michelle Bachmann yesterday and she is correct about the nationalization of American Industry. And all this is happening peacefully without a whimper.

“The number one thing is to fight right now the government takeover of our economy.”

To illustrate the scope of that takeover, she cited “an economist from Arizona State University” who calculated that by January 2009, government had already taken ownership or control of 30 percent of our economy. “Now if President Obama gets his way with health care, that’s an additional 18 percent of the economy” — for a total of 48 percent. Cap and trade would add another 8 percent, for 56 percent total. Rep. Barney Frank’s bill that the Financial Services Committee votes on tomorrow would raise that another 15 percent for a grand total of 69 percent, she calculated.

“It isn’t within our lifetime that we’ve gone to socialism,” Bachmann said. “It’s within 18 months!”

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