Thursday, January 22, 2009

He's Fine

My Mom was diagnosed with brain cancer last year and shortly thereafter so was Senator Ted Kennedy. Now I am no fan of Senator Kennedy's politics but any man who would find anything but sadness in such a diagnosis is not much of a man in my book. I feel for the Kennedy family and Senator Kennedy. So imagine my surprise in hearing from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator John Kerry tell us he's in good shape or he's fine.
I assure you he is not fine. Have you seen his picture? I will not print it but less disciminating "journalists" have done so and they should be ashamed
Anyone with his diagnosis or those who are familiar with the diagnosis know what a blatant lie such a statement represents or is either seriously out of touch with reality or engaged in another pattern of deceit while unable to distinguish between todays news cycle and tomorrow's headlines which hold an actuarial inevitability the average American can readily understand.
So get ready to have healthcare reform jammed down your throat from the same folks who told you Senator Kennedy is fine.

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