Thursday, May 3, 2007

Now For Something Completely Different

This blog is long overdue to recognize some very fine work from several sites that provide rich content and that I read regularly. All of these sites are listed on my resource link to the right.

I have been reading Workers Comp Insider for years and believe it covers safety and Workers compensation better than any other site on the web.

John Mack at Pharma Marketing Blog covers Pharma better than anyone else on the web and does so with a fine sense of humor as exhibited here.

The following sites were recently recognized by Human Resource Executive as best of the web after, ahem, first being listed here as resources.

HR Webcafe is a very welldone blog that covers HR and EAP's in particular very well.

The Cenek Report By Robert Cenek does fine original work by a longtime HR veteran.

John Nail at The Industry Radar provides outstanding News aggregation spanning the entire HR & Benefits space.

I have been reading Benefitslink for years so imagine my smile when shortly after starting this blog I got an email from Dave Baker at Benefitslink complimenting me on my trout at the bottom of the page. There is no better source particularly for qualified plans.

On a lighter note here are a few other good ones.

I do not know how this site missed the HRE but maybe the exec's did not appreciate seeing all the cartoon strips wallpapered over their cubicle farms. Imagine what Scott Adams uncensored would look like? But wait this is it.

I know I bag on The Houston Comical quite a bit but some of their sports blogs like this one are quite good with the possible exception of the writer who covers The Fighting Texas Aggies--can we change that please Comical?

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