Wednesday, April 25, 2007

HIPAA ,ADA, Cho Seung-Hui & Unintended Consequences

Walter Olson has written a lucid account of the role privacy laws like HIPAA and others contributed in preventing VA Tech authorities from acting to avoid the recent shooting. It is worth two minutes of your life to read it here.

Walter Olson edits two fine blogs and and is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute

File this one under unintended consequences.

In a way it is akin to all the employers trying to engage their workforce in a serious good faith wellness effort who are hindered by ADA & HIPAA and bad thoughts of the EEOC in your workplace asking "What were you thinking?" So you water down the effort to keep the lawyers and Fed's out of the benefit department. Yet the whole time you must ask whether the intent of the ADA & HIPAA was to prevent making a member conscious of what they are at risk for absent an intervention? I mean a disability is imminent from a cursory scan of a lot of pharmacy records in many cases not to mention the Health Risk Assessment right? How Ironic. The Americans With Disabilities Act actually results in more disabilities. Unintended Consequences.

I can almost picture Ronald Reagan whispering, "I Told Ya."

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